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Why Do Private Yoga?

Movement in general has changed my life for the better. I was not sporty in school and spent most PE lessons hiding in the music school (and, in some desperate times, the toilets) to avoid being found and dragged onto a cold and windy astro turf and have balls of various shapes and sizes flung at my head. I didn't have a real relationship with my body and I certainly didn't have much body awareness until I left school and discovered individual sports, running, calisthenics and (of course) yoga. I loved how I could go into myself, push myself and just feel better once I had done with my class. Even without knowing the science behind why I wanted to move, I felt that's what I needed to do.

Fast forward to teaching yoga and it became clear that I need to help other people connect in the same way. This is where private classes come in. Like me, I know many people have spent many hours of their lives getting clammy hands in school gym locker rooms. Whilst yoga is an open and non-judgemental space, I get that it might not always feel that way.

So, I teach private classes. Which are essentially a one to one space where I connect with one or two students in the privacy of their homes or online and teach a class designed specifically for them.

Emotional Support:

This can be because people are nervous, people haven't done yoga before or because people have specific needs that mean they can't or simply don't want to attend a public class. Online or in person I work with people to build their confidence in themselves and in their bodies. Sometimes the goal is to transition to a public class, sometimes it's simply to be able to move with joy instead of self-consciousness on and off the matt!

Physical Support:

Like with any movement practise, from PT to golf or weightlifting, there are many ways to go about improving your yogic practise and different schools of thought when it comes to deciding what is 'best'. Asana (ie the physical movement of yoga) can be practised in several ways, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha are the 'big three' but there are many types out there!

Having dabbled in most of them I like to mix up my teaching depending on the student, what resonates with them and their bodies. This can also be because my yogi/yogini has specific physical needs that mean they they need additional support, whether that be adjusted poses or simply moving slower. In a crowded studio class it's not always clear what to do and when, so private classes can help demystify some of the physical movements - and they mean you get physical adjustments in class!

Mental Support:

As one of the building blocks for my own self care, this is a big one. Some students come to yoga so they can learn to breathe and to relax. Though it may sound like the most simple these are often the classes where my support is needed most. In a world of chasing thoughts we have seen the rise of meditation, mindfulness and Yoga Nidra as tools to help with stress, anxiety and even depression. I cannot state enough that I am not a mental health practitioner. But what I do do with many of my students is create a space where exploration of the breath is possible and where lying down and releasing is not only allowed but actively encouraged.

These are just a few, but there are many reasons a person may want to begin private classes. I hope this has given you the confidence you need to reach out, if you like, and do feel free to message if you have any questions!

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