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Spring: A Deep Dive

So, you're now familiar with the concept of cycle tracking, you are diligently monitoring your cycle and have a rough idea of where you are in it. But how can it help you make active changes in your life? This is where knowing the seasons come into play. Over the next few weeks we will be deep diving into each, learning what they are, how they affect you and how knowing them can support you mentally, physically and spiritually to generally be a happier you.

Which brings us to knowing a bit more about Spring. Spring is the stage in your cycle after you have finished bleeding but before you ovulate. The days vary woman to woman and cycle to cycle, but tend to be days 6-11. It's that time when we are no longer feeling in that dark Winter space and our hormones are on the upswing, but we aren't yet in the full energetic bloom of Summer energy.

This is a great time to start exploring our creativity and uniqueness. Start some tasks without worrying about their outcome. Say 'yes' to things that feel fun, it's time to start welcoming that spring lamb energy back in. It's the time when our Inner Critics shut up and our Inner Champions spread their majestic wings, welcoming in new ideas that sustain us across the rest of the month. With our Yoga practise, it's time to try out that class you have been meaning to go to. Play around in those handbalances and laugh when you fall over. Like Biggy said, 'it's all good baby babaaaay!'

The flip side of Spring can be when we have had a stressful month and instead of feeling revitalised and ready, we feel awkward and exhausted by the season before. The vitality of youth can also be the awkward teen and instead of feeling fresh and bouncy we feel angsty and vulnerable. In this time try bring in a bit of playfulness and rest. Yoga Nidra is a great way to bring us back to our centre if the energy is feeling off or we are feeling too tired to enjoy the full spectrum of Spring as a season. Allow room for playfulness and lightness, if you have made plans then keep them. It's the time when you will be glad you went.

As always, I hope you have found this article helpful! Let me know what type of Spring chicken you are and if you have any thoughts on what makes your time in Spring better!

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