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Welcome to Ella Does Yoga

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Hello everyone, thank you so much for popping by, it's very much appreciated!

I imagine most of you know me already, either as a friend or as a teacher, but for those who don't, let me introduce myself; I am Ella. I have been teaching yoga for over five years, practising for a lot longer. My practise has changed over the years, I have studied yoga's history at University, I have practised in busy studios, smelly gyms, on beaches, in my house, with friends and on my own. I have learnt first hand what yoga can do for the mind-body and for a long time have been trying to figure out the best way I can share what I have learnt in order to help others. Thus, Ella Does Yoga came to be. This website and blog is the evolution of everything I have done so far, and its message on the surface is pretty simple: Do yoga.

But as many know, some things that are simple are not always easy. We might know that yoga is good for us, reducing mind-body stress, aiding our physical and mental resilience and flexibility, as well as a million other things. But when it comes to the practise of yoga it's very easy to get lost: is this right? What am I doing? What does that mean?

The aim of Ella Does Yoga is to help answer some of these questions, may it be to learn what a teacher is saying when they say 'vinyasa', or what a downward facing dog looks like and how it might look for you. By reading my blog, meditating or practising with me I hope that I can aid you on your own journey into yoga, whether it's helping you start or encouraging you along your own path. EDY is a place to nurture what you already have and help you to deepen that understanding moving forward.

Ultimately, though I am a teacher of yoga I am also a lifelong student. I will be learning and I will hopefully be growing alongside you. This website will update and change over time but I hope it will always be helpful to those who want to know more, let's see when the journey takes us!

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